Friday, April 10, 2015

F2 Version 1.4.0 Released

The F2 Team is happy to announce the release of version 1.4.0! This marks the end of a long series of updates and includes some great enhancements to the framework. Version 1.4 is the first release of 2015 and the first major release since October 2013.

First and foremost, the documentation has been redesigned and overhauled. It now matches the refreshed design on and features two new landing pages (Developers and Getting Started) aimed specifically at technology teams. These new pages answer many questions we've received over time and provide quick access to demos, source code, and community resources.

Enough, let me get F2.js!

In reviewing the milestone for version 1.4, the team worked through nearly two dozen Issues, produced 163 commits and changed almost 500 files in the repository. The goals for this version were as follows (with some additional detail below):
  • Simplify App integration
  • Add i18n support
  • Tune performance of App dependency loading
  • Update 3rd party dependencies
  • Fix outstanding bugs/issues
  • Redesign docs to match new website

Simplify App Integration

The team added all-new functionality to make loading Apps much simpler. The functionality is called "App Placeholders" and allows developers to write an HTML element with data attributes. Abracadabra, F2.js does the rest! Read about Placeholders in the docs.

Internationalization ("i18n")

This addition was requested frequently and the implementation design was led by Advisory Board member Pershing/BNY Mellon. Internationalization allows for defining the region and language targeted at a particular user base. For example, "en-us" is the i18n setting for English-United States. Likewise "de-de" is the setting for "German-Germany". Full i18n support now exists in F2 for both Container and App Providers, read more in the docs.

App Dependency Loading

We added an internal map to track App script and style dependencies so that multiple versions of the same files are not downloaded by a Container. This not only loads the parent page faster, it also represents a more responsible App reloading process — something many firms are doing. Learn about the page load life cycle in the docs.

Update 3rd Party Dependencies

There are a handful of 3rd party dependencies bundled in F2.js. Version 1.4 updates those dependencies and brings with them all of the bug fixes, security patches and feature enhancements we all need and love.

Bootstrap remains a core part of the F2 specification and bringing F2 up to date with the latest Bootstrap version was critical for this release. All of the documentation and all of the example Containers and Apps (including the iOS demo) have been upgraded to Bootstrap 3.

Review the changelog in detail on the wiki.

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