Friday, October 24, 2014

Recap of 2014 F2 Summit

The annual F2 Summit was held on September 18 and 19 in Boulder. The two-day event was an opportunity for F2 Advisory Board firms to gather and discuss the future of the initiative. The agenda was packed with presentations, demos and roundtable discussions. Of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity for a happy hour as well as a hike on the historic Chautauqua trails.

10 of the 14 Advisory Board firms sent representatives to the Summit, with most firms sending two individuals. The following firms attended (in alphabetical order): Markit, Moody’s Analytics, Morningstar, Pershing, RBC, S&P CapitalIQ, TD Ameritrade, TIAA-CREF, USA Today and Wells Fargo.

The overall objectives for this year's Summit were:
  • Bring F2 Advisory Board members together for networking opportunities
  • Engage in high-bandwidth discussions on key topics effecting F2
  • Increase and share F2 knowledge across Advisory Board firms
  • Address ongoing issues surrounding F2
  • Create a simple, documented governance model for F2
  • Demonstrate the long-term viability of F2
Throughout the two-day Summit—from talking through the vision of F2 to exploring governance —these objectives were achieved or at least moved forward. There will be more information forthcoming on the official governance model as the F2 Team works with the Board to document it.

On the afternoon of Day 1, representatives of TD Ameritrade and USA Today gave presentations of their firms’ production F2 implementations. These demonstrated not only the viability of F2, but also the flexibility of the framework to span across retail brokerage and into media.

The focus of Day 2 was aligned with the overall theme of the Summit: the evolution of F2. In the morning sessions, we covered various types of contributions to the initiative as well as governance models. After lunch, the Board moved across Markit’s Boulder campus to participate in an interactive brainstorm in the Design space. The purpose of the brainstorm, held in front of a 50-foot-long whiteboard, was to be creative with F2 and demonstrate how F2 Apps can be repurposed for almost any user experience. Divided into teams, the Board created F2 Apps out of paper rectangles and markers, then placed those Apps on 4 different delivery channels: desktop, iPad, large touch-screen displays, and a billboard in Times Square.

The 2014 Summit was incredibly successful. A huge thank you to Markit for hosting the second annual event and especially for the delicious Boulder-made chocolate. The core F2 Team is grateful to all of those who traveled to Boulder and participated in meaningful, thoughtful and candid conversations. There is much work to be done, and with the continued involvement and contributions from the Advisory Board, the future of F2 is bright.

The Summit notes are available in PDF.

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