Friday, September 12, 2014

Supporting Bootstrap 3

The F2 spec calls for the use of Bootstrap for consistent HTML & CSS structure across all Containers and Apps. This allows Container and App Providers to build and reuse front-end code while anticipating and relying on uniform presentation. F2 also uses Bootstrap javascript plugins for F2.UI.Modals. This is the only place Bootstrap code is actually used within F2; the majority of Bootstrap's inclusion is in the specification.

When F2 was originally released in 2012, Bootstrap was still a Twitter project. Since then, much has changed and, of course, F2 still uses Bootstrap. We've heard some questions about Bootstrap 3 support recently and wanted to clear up any confusion.

The currently-supported version of Bootstrap in F2 is 2.3.2. This means Container and App Providers should expect Bootstrap 2 code conventions, including functioning F2.UI.Modals. However we've seen and heard about recent implementations where Modals have not been required in the solution thus leaving the door open for separate parties to mutually agree on using Bootstrap 3 code conventions for more "modern" development. In fact, we've done this ourselves on the new F2 website! To make this point even more clear, no F2 code needs to be modified to use Bootstrap 3 today. Simply get the custom build of F2.js, understand you won't be able to use Modals, and push all involved parties to agree on the Bootstrap 3 styleguide.

This is a temporary solution as there's an open Pull Request to officially upgrade to Bootstrap 3 in F2 1.4. You can visit #142 for all the details. Any questions or concerns? Get in touch with us.