Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Planning Version 2

In the end-of-year update post we mentioned numerous 2014 goals for the F2 initiative. We wanted to provide an update on two of those objectives and call your attention to discussions happening right now on the F2 GitHub project.


We are working on a complete redesign of OpenF2.org. The new design represents a fantastic refresh of both the visuals and presentation of information across the site. Beyond the look and feel, the amazing design team have reimagined the framework's identity for 2014 by providing a new logo mark for F2. We are working on this site currently and are very excited it to share it with the community. We plan to launch the new website by the end of Q1. Here's a sneak peak:

F2.js Version 2

Our technology team is laying the groundwork for a complete overhaul of F2.js. The first version of the framework was released 18 months ago and since October 2012 F2 has seen 14 revisions. Each iteration introduced features, enhancements or bug fixes based on community feedback. As a result integrating content using F2 is simple, but we think we can make it even easier. That's why we're proposing changes to both the internal code but also the external API. Head over to the Version 2 wiki on GitHub for the details. There are numerous Issues open, too, where active discussions are happening.

More than 20 firms in the financial services and media sectors are using F2. The refreshed website, updated specification docs and all-new JavaScript framework will usher in a new era for F2 and, by simplifying integration even further, hopefully increase the number of firms choosing to develop with F2.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Change in CDN support?

It was suggested (via email) F2 javascript files get moved to jsdelivr from cdnjs for better overall support in addition to a bigger network footprint and higher uptime. In case you aren't aware, F2 introduced CDN support in September 2013.

The poll (ok, "Issue") is open for voting. We've got a couple of comments thus far and looking to get a community decision made on this one. Looking at this uptime chart jsdelivr outperforms cdnjs.

Head over to GitHub #148 to cast your vote!