Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 Year-End Update

In October we celebrated F2’s first birthday and took the time to review the framework’s first year. In a blog post, we wrote how in the past year the F2 community has grown to include some of the financial industry’s biggest firms. Led by F2 Advisory Board members, these firms are demanding websites that are fast, versatile and built upon standards and open-source technology. Additionally, the growing F2 team continues to work hard to ensure that the framework is easy for technology teams to adopt, simple for developers to implement, and modern for today’s savvy users.

Now, at end of the year, we’re taking a few moments to review and evaluate before identifying goals for 2014. For the F2 initiative—one involving so many firms across the financial industry—this is imperative for the continued evolution of the framework.

2013 was busy on many fronts. When F2 launched, Markit On Demand was the only firm using the framework to accomplish simpler integration with its clients. Today more than 20 financial services firms have deployed F2-enabled solutions. Beyond simply using F2, many of the firms are contributing to the evolution of the standard as well.

On the topic of outreach, we would be remiss not to mention the inaugural F2 Hackathon held in April when Markit On Demand invited the F2 Advisory Board firms to its Boulder, Colorado campus to participate in this all-day event. More recently the F2 team attended two technology events in New York City. Representatives visited Finovate and the FinTech Hackathon to network with industry peers and hack on innovative ideas.

Looking through a microscope at the changes this past year, the following is F2 by-the-numbers (updated since October):

  • Released 14 versions of F2—the latest is 1.3.2.
  • Committed 902 source code revisions on GitHub
  • Opened 147 Issues on GitHub based on community feedback
  • Code additions and deletions totaling 1.2 million lines of code or documentation
  • Added CDN support for F2.js
  • 15,000+ people have visited, with over 43,000+ total page views
  • The number of firms on the F2 Advisory Board grew to 13

Reading this you might be asking, “How many F2 apps have been built?” We estimate that number to be approximately 2,500. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact count, due to the fact many of these are within private Containers. Of those, nearly 800 were built by Markit On Demand as part of custom solutions for its clients.

We see the industry’s acceptance of the F2 framework and the continued momentum behind the initiative as evidence of initial success. It would be foolish, of course, to sit back and rest on F2’s laurels. Instead, we’re planning on just the opposite.

Some of the goals we’ve set for F2 in 2014 include:

  • a complete redesign of and its accompanying documentation
  • a proposed version two implementation of F2.js featuring RequireJS at its core
  • additions to the F2 specification for Data Apps and Identity Services
  • a closer look at strategic plans for the F2 Registry and Developer Center
  • a second F2 Hackathon and some informal workshops
  • continued outreach at fintech conferences and with industry peers

In time we will update the F2 roadmap on GitHub to include all of the details.

While F2 is young, it’s growing up fast. As we wrote in October, if the previous twelve months are any indication, the next twelve should be just as exciting. We’ve said all along that the greater the participation in F2 the richer, smarter and more effective it will be as an industry-wide platform to help reduce labor, time to market and costs. Thank you for being part of the open F2 initiative and contributing to a successful 2013.

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