Monday, October 28, 2013

F2 at the FinTech Hackathon

Next Saturday and Sunday F2 representatives from Markit and Markit On Demand (MOD) will be attending the FinTech Hackathon event in New York City. The two-day event features some of the best and brightest designers and developers from financial services firms competing to build innovative solutions. MOD is participating as a Technology Partner and is offering a Raspberry Pi and Pebble Watch for best use of its APIs. We will be using the opportunity to discuss F2 and how developers can leverage the framework to deploy more F2 apps in more places. In addition, we'll be competing ourselves to create an F2-enabled solution using an inventive blend of Tech Partner APIs.

If you, your colleagues or friends will be in NYC Nov 9-10, sign up for the event—it’s at MongoDB headquarters and only costs $20 to register.

See you there!

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