Friday, April 26, 2013

First quarter update

In looking back at the first quarter of 2013, we are very excited to provide an update on the state of F2. These past few months have been very busy on many fronts and, in particular, the F2 community has grown to include some of the financial industry’s biggest firms. F2 launched in October 2012 and the F2 team in Boulder, CO continues to work hard to ensure the framework is easy for technology teams to adopt, simple for developers to follow, and modern for today’s savvy and demanding users. More than ever before, it is an open framework created for the financial services industry.

The latest version of F2 is 1.1 and was released two weeks ago. This dot release included numerous features and most notably support for AMD module loading with F2.js. Nearly everyone within the core F2 community asked for AMD compatibility. We listened and we’re not stopping with this latest version. Slated for release as part of 1.3 on our roadmap is much broader support for AMD inside F2. If you’re not familiar with the AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) API, we encourage you to head over to to read more about this approach.

We continue to receive feedback from the F2 community and these recommendations are shaping the F2 roadmap. Up next for F2 is version 1.2 which includes some other hot-topic items such as an F2.js source map, F2 app sandboxing and more structure in Context messages.

The most significant additions to 1.2 are the Registry and new Developer Center. These two applications operate in tandem: the Registry is a MySQL-backed data store for F2 container and app configurations; the Developer Center is where F2 developers can manage those configurations, participate in the F2 community, find resources, stay in touch and more. We’ve just launched functioning beta versions of the Registry and Dev Center to a small group. Spec additions for the Registry and Developer Center are planned for end of Q2 as part of the F2 1.3 release.

While we’re on the topic of the framework, F2 on GitHub is continuing to be very active. Here is F2 by the numbers:

Commits to ‘master’ since project started 488
Commits to ‘master’ since October 15 123
Total issues closed 64
Versions released (milestones completed) 7
Current progress on F2 version 1.2 91 commits, 12 issues closed

On a different note, Markit On Demand invited the F2 Advisory Board firms to its Boulder, Colorado campus to participate in the inaugural F2 Hackathon on April 11th. This event was coupled with Markit On Demand’s quarterly Do What You Want Day and was a tremendous success. 9 of the 11 F2 Advisory Board firms met for a day of education, collaboration, coding and fun. The weather cooperated—as it often does in Colorado—for a food truck rodeo featuring Boulder’s finest meals on wheels. Thank you to all of the participants who came to hack with us!

One last formality to address as Q2 moves ahead. F2 was originally released under the MIT license. F2 will be switching to the Apache license as part of the 1.2 release. Why? Primarily, the Apache v2.0 license is a more robust and detailed license. It is an industry-wide accepted standard license which encourages collaboration amongst the software developer community. Unlike the MIT license, the Apache license provides that contributions to the licensed work, if accepted, are made with the express understanding that they will become part of the original, licensed work. Simply said, this is great news for F2 and the F2 community as the Apache license affords more protections around centralized and contributed open source code.

Thank you for being part of the open F2 initiative and contributing to a successful start to 2013. We look forward to seeing you on GitHub soon and follow us on Twitter @OpenF2.

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