Monday, April 8, 2013

F2 1.1.2 Released

F2 version 1.1.2 has arrived!  This update fixes a number of bugs and adds one major improvement to the GitHub repo: Continuous Integration.  You can see the list of resolved issues below and also in the changelog.

We're still working on the next 1.2 release and should have it out in the coming weeks.  You can check out the progress of that release on GitHub.

Change Log

  • #37 - Add CSS namespacing rules to spec for Container Developers
  • #43 - Investigate adding Continuous Integration
  • #44 - Inlines not evaled if a script is not included
  • #47 - Example app Chart: remove dependency on "$.browser"
  • #48 - Delegate events in HelloWorld example app
  • #54 - Example compare tool
  • #55 - Can't pass single AppManifest into F2.registerApps
  • #64 - Create tag for all stable releases when they are phased out.

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